Pop Culture Revanchism

In recent years I’ve been noticing a subtle trend in online fan art and memes. Probably the most early and notable examples were in the bizzaro world cgi shorts of seinfeld spitstain, which were based on using ill-gotten Nickelodeon computer models of Jimmy Neutron characters and making them do obscene things. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend … Continue reading Pop Culture Revanchism

What Is It Like To Be A Woman?

“I assume we all believe that women have experience. After all, they are mammals, and there is no doubt that they have experience than that mice or pigeons or whales have experience. I have chosen women instead of wasps or flounders because if one travels too far down the phylogenetic tree, people gradually shed their … Continue reading What Is It Like To Be A Woman?

Moscow, Idaho and the Internet

CALEB JOSEPH WARNER Earlier today, I got coffee with Toby Sumpter, my previous pastor, just to catch up. There was no agenda on the table or anything, which makes small talk with anyone a difficult and awkward business. Next time with anyone, I’ll try to remember to have some questions ready. I wanted to meet, … Continue reading Moscow, Idaho and the Internet